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Jerome Granados/katia Jannin on Thursday, June 26th 2008 I 0 Comment

Here's a new improvement of the gallery webservice, that will constitute a real a gain of time for you!
Sending several photos at a time from the back office !

In WEBSERVICE > APPLICATION > GALLERY, a new tab has appeared: the [multiple upload(new)] tab.

From that tab, you can send several photos in an album at a time.

To do so, choose your destination album in the drop down menu, select the photos to send from your computer gallery and click on the upload selection button.

Note that in the dialogue window that permits selecting photos from your computer (browse button), you can chose several files in a same folder (operating ctrl or shift key)
Well that's where the interest resides!

For each selected photo, a progression bar keeps you updated about the WMaker platform transfer condition.

When all photos are transfered, you are automatically rerouted to the "album" tab, where you can view the new added photos.

Option tab

The last tab has been renamed. Formerly, it was "photo processing", now, it's Options.

Considering your reactions, we worked on the presentation so that available functionalities from that tab become clearer.

First block permits defining photo processing options (adding a watermark, photo maximum size). Those options are applied to the new sended photos in the gallery.

With the second block, you apply the processing options to the photos that are already in the gallery

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