New Calendar Module

Jerome PIETRI on Thursday, April 9th 2015 I 0 Comment

The Calendar module needed to be spruced up a little bit, so we went for it!

We first separated the content and the display in the back office with two tabs. The display is better now, as you have preview thumbnails that make the module easier to understand. 
New Calendar Module

The module displays the events by upcoming dates, ordered from soonest to farthest approaching. Recurring events are shown on the most recent date and are not repeated in the others.

Clearly only dates that have an event are shown, you will just have to click on the date of your choice for the list of events to be unveiled in an accordion effect

As far as fonts go, the background color displayed when moving the mouse over the day and month (date) fonts does not correspond to the text background color, but to the color of the date once the tab has been "unrolled".

This accordion effect module will give your calendar a nice revamp, I hope you like it ;)

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