New Player Video (video n°1)

Lesia PIETRI on Monday, September 17th 2007

You can discover above the new WM player, it is pretty and 2.0 style. We wanted to keep an aspect very simple, to avoid charging the interface, for that we merge all new functions into the "Menu" button :

- Direct link towards the videos page.
- Possibility of exporting on a site distant by making a Copy/Paste of the Embed code.
- Your visitors can post a direct link of the video to a friend.
- RSS feed of your videos.
- A feed dedicated to iTunes (mp4) to watch videos on the TV via Apple TV.
- Display full screen.

Why integrate these functions to the player ?

Because it's more "clean", it permits to export these functions with the player and thus to maker them available on any site having published a video coming from your site (Embed). If you don't want to share your videos the export code won't be display. (coming functions)

We are going to spread out the launching of the various video function throughout this week. There were many questions in comments of the annoucement of the video update, we will anwser during this week in the notes introducing the new functionalities.

I let to you test thank you for your returns!

PS : concerning feeds we will make an update in the week.