New Store Statistics

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New Store Statistics

The store’s statistics page has recently been updated. While answering one of your questions in the support we realized that it became difficult to extract the needed information from the statistics page.

We thus decided to make it clearer. For this purpose, we divided the statistics page into 2 parts:
- The table that gives a global view  of total 
store results

- The list  detailing results per item

Global view: table

New Store Statistics

The first line of this table shows the store’s sales turnover. By default, it gives the turnover for the current month, but the period is modifiable. So it’s possible to view the results from month to month, or starting from the opening of the store (please notice that delivery charges are not included in the turnover amount).

In the  turnover we show:

- Order conversion rate, which is the ratio of the sales amount to the orders amount. This rate allows measuring the percentage of users who leave before finishing shopping, commonly when they're asked to give their bank card details.

- Basket conversion rate, which is the ratio of the sales amount to the amount of items added to the basket. This rate allows measuring the percentage of users who have finished shopping in your store.

Other 2 lines (in grey) give you an idea of user activity in the store, as well as estimated turnover.

Detailed view: list

The list gives detailed statistics per item.

It shows the turnover for each store item and the number of times it was:
- added to the basket
- ordered
- bought

Clicking on the item name shows its sales statistics for the last 7 days, presented in the graph including the additional information on the number of views for this item.

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