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Jerome Granados on Monday, April 7th 2008 I 0 Comment

Many of you have waited for the improvements that will be presented in this post. They are related to the forum. The whole team has worked hard to show it was worth waiting.

This webservice has been completely overhauled and improved. We have taken into account some of your recommendations, while trying to add WMaker's know how. We hope you will enjoy the end result ...

New look and feel

Upon your first connection to the forum page, you will notice the new design and also the use of new fonts to rearrange the layout.

In order to improve the readability of the topics, the navigation on the pages, and the overall usability of the forum, you will see that the breadcrumbs are systematically used, and the full page mode too.

URL Rewriting is now working also in the forum! This is a good way to improve to coverage of your threads in the search engines.

New features

Most of the time, visitors are entering the forum from the page that lists all chat rooms. At the top of this page, we display 5 latest posts.

On every page, the date format has changed. We display the elapsed time since the author has posted. Thus, it is easier to grasp quickly the freshness of each message.

In the rooms:

- On the topics list, the author name and the last contributor name are displayed;

- New [Sticky] feature, used to stick on top of the list some topics;

- When logged in, a small new logo reminds the user the fresh unread subjects.

In a discussion page:

- Mark an answer;

- Display your signature, below your name. This signature is set in the user's profile;

- [Ignore] function. This function is used to hide the replies of one contributor. It is of course completely reversible. It only applies to the ongoing discussion and it is not possible to ignore more than one contributor in the discussion;

- Alternate background color to improve messages reading

When writing a subject or participating in a discussion:

- Preview the message before posting;

- Include WMaker or YouTube videos in the messages. BBCodes must be activated. Just use the dedicated button in the menu.


- Display user's picture;

- Choose to set your profile public or private;

- Stay logged if you want to. Check the box to store a cookie on your browser.

Towards Social Network features

By working on the forum, we paved the way to add SNS features in WMaker. The availability of those features are close. We will keep you informed in further posts.

Feel free to send us your feedback about the Forum;)

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