New features in the Gallery

Jerome Granados on Tuesday, June 17th 2008 I 0 Comment

We improved the way how the gallery works in the back office. Working on your photos will be faster and easier.

Ergonomics improvement

List view
The list view has been upgraded. You get know twice as more information

Note that it is now possible to change the title and the description from the same page, with one single 'save' button :)

Mosaic view
New layout, with a 'view' option on the thumbnails, and the possibility to add a bubble info on mouse overlay.

Photo upload
Multiple upload is now more intuitive. A progress bar informs you on upload status for each photo.

New features

You can put your watermark on the photos. Just choose on which corner you want to add it.


Apply an automatic server side data processing for existing photos.

You can apply 3 types of data processing :
  • resizing photos
  • adding the watermark
  • shadowing thumbnails and photos (PNG 24)

What's next ...

Back office improvements are not completed

We are working on an Uploader allowing you to select multiple photos from your back office, just as if you where using a software installed on your computer.

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