New interface of fonts setting

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Some of you may have noticed that recently the interface of fonts setting of your modules has evolved.
We have made it more clear by expanding the area of color change and cleaning up the button style of texts.
New interface of fonts setting

We have not only focused on the ergonomics, we also introduced two new functionalities for the design of your sites:

  • Line spacing
Many of you asked us through the interface of support this functionality, sorry if this was a bit long, but it's done! You can now set the height for each line of your modules. The value is in em, not in pixels, this allows to keep a value proportional to the size of your fonts
  • Bold in Rollover
It's a small detail that has its importance :)

It has been a long time that this part of the back office had not been touched, so it deserved its little brush stroke ... !

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