New social networks modules for Christmas

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New social networks modules for Christmas
Lesia and Laurent presented in exclusively these new modules at the OpenCampus. Well, Santa Claus came a little bit early at WM. The three modules have been online since this afternoon, they are just a click away in your back office :)

For those of you who were not at the OpenCampus, I will quickly tell you what it is before detailing what's new.
There are several ways to promote your content in social networks. G + button, LinkedIn button, Re-tweet
button or like button module, and the famous Web Services 2.0 .

New social networks modules for Christmas
We decided to extend this list of very useful modules but mostly very easy to use.

So, to simplify the access to these modules, we have put them all together in a new menu in the iBox for adding modules. This is the Social Network menu

Module Last tweets

New social networks modules for Christmas
As its name suggests, with this module, you will display the latest tweets from your twitter account on your site. Until now, to do so, you had to use a module container, in which you had to copy and paste the code provided by Twitter. kind of complicated.

Now, with this module, simply enter your twitter account, and we take care to retrieve your tweets.

For display, you can choose between three styles. The official presentation of Twitter, and
Lesia's two creations, the list mode and Bubble. Note the subtle use of the little bird, that's what makes the beauty of the module ;) Of course you can replace this icon with a personal icon.

Module Facebook likebox

New social networks modules for Christmas
With this module, you can display your list of fans of your Facebook page. Just enter the URL of your fan page, nothing more. The module generates the display automatically.

You can either show or hide the latest news posted on your page, photos of your fans or the official Facebook header.

The height of the module is customizable, so is the theme, light or dark. The choice is yours, to integrate it perfectly with your design.

Module Share my website

New social networks modules for Christmas
If it was possible to use the feature of the two previous modules quite easily by using a module container, it was a lot more difficult for that one. With this module, you can share your site home page on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google +.

Many of you have asked for this module and sincerely, you were right :)

Two little things to know:
- For Twitter, you can select the default text to be proposed by default in the user's tweet.
- For Facebook, you can choose the word like or recommend to suggest the sharing.

Available in all zones

These modules are avaliables in all zones of the menu design:

-Title area
- Main column
- Narrow column
- Footer

Their display and features will automatically be adjusted depending on where you add them.

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