New theme: Somelines

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New theme: Somelines
As you know, designing a theme is closely linked to the development of new products. That's why it's not only one person behind a theme but a full team. We take this note as an opportunity to thank all our developers for puting up with our webdesigners moods and always do their best to fulfill their requests that can sometimes be quite complicated to set up :)

Back to introducing this new template. Its structure is, despite the dark background, refined and quite linear as its name suggests. It is also a very different template than the ones created so far as by default it displays a module very visual: The module Go with the flow in the title area. The fonts used to highlight titles and headers of the modules, is the Font Impact, which despite his age still looks stunning :)

Other novelties have been developed to achieve this template but we will not repeat ourself and we would advise those of you who have not already done so, to take the time to read our previous note: "A creative week"

We hope you will like this new theme, as a reminder, for hose who wish to apply a new theme for their site and are not sure of the result, that there is a draft mode (Pro and  Xpert
offers). Draft mode allows you to safely test without impacting your design, so, just go ahead!

See the demo

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