News in the front page module

Lesia on Friday, July 22nd 2005

News in the front page module
The module most used is the front page which is on almost all your websites.
Although declinable in 6 types, we added some improvements which will allow you to better adjust your home page than before.

Photo position

Photo position of the articles post on the front page is no more pre-formated, it straight depends of your configuration when you have edited your article.
I remind you that below every paragraph you can choice between a photo position :
on the left, on the right or at the top.

New font

In order to put the article on the first position in this module, we propose you a font "First title" independent of the next articles.

Selection of the posted photo

Now in the article edition page you can choice if the front page module will display or not the article photo. The check box "On the front page" above every photo allow you to choice this option.

Titles position

Eventually last functionality : to vary the design it's possible to put the article title and the rubric above the paragraph.
So far these titles were included in every paragraph next to the photo.

PS : If the new font is missing, don't worry go to the front page module and just save the style sheet.

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