No news is good news

Sebastien Simoni on Monday, March 29th 2010 I 0 Comment

No news is good news
You have probably noticed that over the last few weeks we’ve not been publishing any news. And it's not mere coincidence as our new CMS (Content Management System) specialized in WebTV, on which we've been working for a long time, is now almost at the finish line.

Little reminder: WMaker is a general CMS originally meant to create WebMagazines. However, thanks to our users we’ve finally developed multiple video features, which have enabled us to become the first CMS of the year 2007 to manage the video content right from the start.

Indeed, it was not very logical to make you manage your videos on the external platforms: it has been complicated the procedure and made you lose the part of your content.

Over the last few years, we’ve been working hard to acquire new video-related sills (in addition to our key competences) such as: Lan Gigabit, various x4500 Servers (48 disk drives), Encoding, Player, HD, Mobile Video, Podcast Video, Engagement Statistics, Uploader ......

All these video features as well as the flexibility of the WMaker system have allowed us to gain a lot of customers principally aimed at WebTV creation. And of course this has encouraged us to carry out working in this field.

Our competitors have put much time into pursuing us on this way, preferring to leave video management to others.

At the same time, new Video Management solutions (ex: BrightCove) have been created enabling to add video features to the standard CMS, which certainly corresponded to the video content management issue, but only with the use of 2 different tools.
Furthermore, it costs a lot of money...

Before there was no dedicated White Label CMS, which would allow to create a WebTV at a fair price. This new WMaker product will be available at the end of April.

However, we need your feedback to finalize this project! Thus, we are seeking users to test our beta version starting from April 5th. Please contact Jérôme at (with specifying Beta WebTV in the subject field).

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