Pregressive construction of SNS pages

Jerome Granados on Friday, April 11th 2008 I 0 Comment

The upadate of the forum allowed us to pave the way to add SNS features into WMaker.

It starts today with the forum !

Let's show you how it works : when your users read the threads in your forum, they can now view the author's profile, by clicking on its name or photo.

The prerequisite to able to view a profile are :
  1. The author must be a member of your site, and have, consequently, a profile
  2. The profile of the author must be public
If it is ok with those two conditions, it is not only possible to view the profile of the author but also to see quickly all the messages posted by the author in the forum.

We will add in this profile page more features. The idea is to add all the relevant information related to your members activity in your site like events, classified ads, bookmarks, friends, etc. It will be also possible to send internal message !

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