Quick Design, another way to customise your design

Jerome Granados / Katia Jannin on Thursday, May 14th 2009 I 0 Comment

We're proposing today an innovation directly coming from WMaker Labs.

It's the Quick Design function. For a side story, the code name of the Quick Design during the creation phase was Color Blender. You'll quickly understand why ;)

Quick Design, a new tool, very efficient

Quick Design add new customization possibilities to your site. It's a new tool that comes to complete the existing tools.

Quick Design offers the possibility to modify rapidly the tonalities of your website. It's to be used directly from the front office. That enables having a direct preview of the modifications you're applying.

This Quick Design exclusive feature is particularly efficient for the following needs.

1/ I want to customize my site, or improve my actual design, but I don't have a predefined idea.

Quick design
is perfect for that, playing with the graphic palette, you'll visualize in real time the modifications. Following your tests, you'll find the color combination that matches your expectations.

It's efficient either for a webmaster, or for a pro (web agency, graphic designer,...) that wants to show propositions to his client before finalizing the design of the site.

2/ I want to harmonize the design of my site

In the quick design toolbar, the whole colors and fonts used are listed. You can set them up all in the Quick Design. This is particularly useful when you want to use strictly the same color palette and fonts in all your pages and modules.

Quick design enables to identify the differences, and to replace the colors typing their code.

The last advantage of Quick Design is to give you the possibility to browse normally your website, to reach and modify each page.
Have a look at the video to get aware of the powerness of that tool.

The WM Labs

We don't talk a lot about the WM Lab. It's here of course that the novelties are added to your favorite CMS. Here are also to be found new projects that patiently wait to be get out of the box. If you have the occasion to drop by our office, you'll see unbelievable things.

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