Recast of Classified ads

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The substantive work on the redesign of webservices continues. After the calendar, here is the Classified ads.
Recast of Classified ads

The list

The classified ads list has many novelties. Among the main ones, you will notice in the chapter design/ergonomics:
- A bigger thumbnail
- A clearer and uncluttered display, with the break on the description that disappears to leave its place to the price of the item.

In terms of functionality, we worked mainly on the search engine filters.

The filter "postcode" was added by default. Other filters are contextual. They are offered depending on the categories of classified ads
chosen. For example, in the Housing category, you can filter ads by size and in the vehicle category, by mileage.

New category Housing

We have added features in the Housing category.

You can now create classified ads for flat/houseshare.
In the description of the property, you can add the number of rooms and its size.

Warning: existing ads do not benefit of these innovations. For this, you must create a new category and add your new ads in this category.

The classified ads page

Recast of Classified ads
Product picture is now in large format under a header much more visible than before.

You can enable on this page some action buttons to share your classified ads on social networks.

Finally, you can add up to 3 picturess to illustrate your product. Clicking on a thumbnail opens the photo in full in ibox. Inside the ibox, the navigation between pictures is done with the left / right keys of your keyboard.

Submission of classified ads and Reply

The submission process was simplified.

Previously, before you can submit an ads, it was necessary to select a category ... and if you had made a mistake, you had to go back. That's finished!

Now, when you decide to submit an ads, you reach a form which, according to the chosen category, recharges automatically to display the contextual fields to fill in.

You can add up to 3 pictures to illustrate the product (We insist, this is important) and also to leave a phone number if you wish to be called to process the transaction in person.

Similarly, when responding to a classified ads, you can also have a phone number.
Recast of Classified ads

What about the back office?

In the back office, it is mostly in the Design menu, in the ibox setting of  Classifieds page, that you will see changes.

You can, for example, disable the display of thumbnails in the list of ads.
If the majority of your ads have no pictures, this will be a much better effect than leaving the default thumbnail.

You basically
know  everything, now yust have to discover all the little details .... :)

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