Roadmap until this summer

Jerome Granados on Tuesday, February 12th 2008 I 0 Comment

Roadmap until this summer
In this short post, we would like to give you an overview of our development roadmap during first half 2008.

Our work will focus on :
  • keep on improving V4, with simple but useful features
  • rebuild most of our webservices
  • release brand new services

Keep on improving V4

The major work items are :

  • Search facilities and content management (for instance: new front office search engine, easier access to back office search engine, more tagging features for content, ...);

  • Ergonomics, design and content layout (for instance: improve visual feedback when saving in an ibox,  propose new "news modules", set its preferences for margins between paragraphs ans subheadings, propose new options for image positioning within an article, build more templates, improve template switch operation, allow a preview before posting a comment from the front office, give a name and a surname when subscribing to a newsletter, open online help,...);

  • Develop your business strategy within your portal (for instance: put ads before and during a video, stock management in the store, integrate Google checkout and Google Analytics in  the store, subscribe  to your content with points formulas, ...)

Upgrade existing webservices

Most of the existing webservices are going to be rebuilt and upgraded.

FORUM (expected availability by March 2008): it will be re-engineered in order to add all the necessary features to extend management options and increase user experience.

AGENDA (expected availability by the end of March 2008): it will evolve to provide sharing with other webservices.

GALLERY (expected availability by April 2008): ergonomics will be improved. We may also propose you to manage in your WM Gallery photos hosted somewehere else.

CLASSIFIED ADS (expected availability by May 2008): our goal is to leverage your classified ads visibility on third party websites

BOOKMARKS (expected availability by june 2008): it will be easier to manage and share your bookmarks across the web

Brand new services

During 2008 first half, we will launch 3 innovations :

MOBILE VERSION (live by the end of February): Customization features of your mobile version will be extended. New mobile version will also be optimized for new phones, like the iPhone.

SOCIAL NETWORK FEATURES (live by March 2008): A new functionality package will make it easier to create, manage, and expand a community around your portal

WEBTV (live by May 2008): Management and video broadcasting will step up. The dream of creating your own webTV in a few clicks will come true.

Of course, some other surprises are planned to be launched during this first half, but I won't give any clue in this post ... ;)

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