Rough night for our OVH friends

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Rough night for our OVH friends
Yesterday evening around 7.40pm, some of your users from the other side of the Atlantic may have had some troubles to access your site. And for good reason. A fiber optic link at OVH, our internet service provider has been broken. This disrupted the traffic between our infrastructure and North America for 5 minutes.

For a lot of people from the WM team, this incident resulted in the receiption of a beautiful burst of text messages! Indeed, the architecture is monitored by several WMaker control system, both internal and external. Once a discrepancy is found, we immediately receive notifications.

Rough night for our OVH friends
Upon receiving these alerts, we started working to identify the cause of the problem. Seeing nothing unusual on our side, we checked on OVH side.

OVH is very good at communicating during this type of crisis. Very quickly, Octave, the CEO, posted a message on his Twitter account to indicate the source of the problem.

We then followed the events on OVH Travaux where we can be informed in real time of the operations.

OVH teams started to work strait away to restore the situation. The response team didn't have an easy task. The traffic link broken was re-routed to another link, which took a good charge, resulting in the loss of a router. In short, a good series of problems, as it often happens in this type of situation.

Despite this, the disturbance was of short duration. Congratulations OVH.

Follow @statuswm

Rough night for our OVH friends
If you have not already done so, I invite you to follow the Twitter account @statuswm. We use this account to keep you informed of current operations on the architecture WMaker.

@statuswm is updated in 2 ways. Automatically by our external monitoring tools and manually by people who are currently involved or are in support of the intervention (to communicate, precisely!). Usually, it is @WM_Jerome, @fssimoni or @jeromegranados

Rough night for our OVH friends

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