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cc flickr by Martineric
cc flickr by Martineric
The page dedicated to your SNS members lists people who have public profiles.

Here is an example of a member page: Notice that the URL of this page ends by /list. You can make a direct link if necessary.

Follow a member

There are many sort options to display the members.

You can sort by:
- most recent members
- most popular members
- members with photographs

If you wish to follow the activity of some particular members to your website, you can activate the following feature.
To do this, click on follow. Notice that you have a rapid link to send a message to any member via the intern mailbox (contact link).

If you follow some members, you can input filter on the contributions in the Activity tab.
SNS Members

To search for a member, there are 2 possibilities:
- search engine
- alphabetical search

And finally, you can choose between the list mode (2 columns) and mosaic mode to display this page.

Notice that the Members tab is available once you have at least 1 person with public profile in your SNS.

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