Santa didn't forget about the webservice Store!

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Following your several requests, we worked on the store to add more features to its management :)

More emails!
There is now three notification emails: the
confirmation email of order, the confirmation of payment and the Shipping notice email.

Only the confirmation of payment email is mandatory, the other 2 are configurable.

You can now if you want to, disable and set the
confirmation email of order (this email just confirms the order, not the payment or shipment of the product) as well as the one that notifies your customers of the shipping of their item.
These emails are editable from the menu
WEBSERVICES > Store > General Settings > Clients Management
Santa didn't forget about the webservice Store!

Enter the cheque number for a management easier.

In case of payment by check upon receipt of it, you can when walidating the order, enter the check number. This number will appear on the invoice.
This happens in the menu
Store > Orders

Customizing the mention OUT OF STOCK  in the stock control for Pro offers :)

You can also edit the mention
OUT OF STOCK in the menu Stock. If you leave the field blank, the default mention will be used.

And finally the integration of the tracking number package.

One of the major innovations in the store is the integration of the url of the package tracking depending on the carrier used in the
shipping notice email, but also on the tracking page of your site.
To do this, you must first add a menu Store > Shipping Rate > Carriers tab the urls of the package tracking , then  link the carrier to a rate in the menu Store > Shipping Rate
Once everything is set, when you confirm a shipping in the menu Store > Orders, you can just simply fill in the tracking number of the order sent.
Santa didn't forget about the webservice Store!

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