Setting up of a maintenance information feed

Lesia PIETRI on Friday, February 23rd 2007

For several months we wished to create a tool dedicated to maintenances like those of OVH, unfortunately we delayed the launching because of that we had not enought time.

So we have just to create a first level of information system from xFruits. It will be completed by a specific development which will automate the publication of synthetic information about the architecture.

The information is available via this URL (for the moment in french) :

The information will be published in a very shortened version :

- Maintenance object
- Begin and End of task or estimate if possible
- Motive

The concept is to publish very quickly brut information, if possible upstream. I added a permanent link "Maintenance" bellow Search module. This link is both visible in a navigator and useful in customised page because it's a RSS feed.