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Jerome PIETRI on Wednesday, June 9th 2010 I 0 Comment

CC Flickr by Ed Yourdon
CC Flickr by Ed Yourdon

We have recently added a new mode of calculation for the shipping rates to the store

Before there were only 2 possibilities for calculating shipping rates:

- without criteria (all the shipping rates were proposed); 

- automatic calculation based on the total weight of the order.


Now we added automatic calculation based on  the basket amount

This new option can be interesting in case of voluminous but not heavy items.

While adding this option we made some other enhancements to the page:

- More explicit layout, for instance for the interval (Price/ Weight)

- Filter of the options which are not used.

- Search Filter for sorting the tariffs by country.

- Sort Criteria for tables, taking account of the filters.

- The threshold over which the shipping is free.

- In front office you cannot make an order from a country for which the shipping rates have not been created. 

- There is no possibility to enter the delivery address to which the delivery can be fulfilled.

- Enhanced design of geographical zones.

Certainly, all the store holders  were notified  by email before the update was introduced.


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