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cc flickr by edu_fon
cc flickr by edu_fon
Social features for your websites have recently been improved. Several posts will be needed to list all of these upgrades. I will thus begin with some reminders on SNS and a new Activities tab.

What is SNS?

SNS (Social Network System) of your website is made of several pages that allow you to host your users community. This social network consists of:
- a page for website members’ activities
- a page for the members presentation
- your profile page
- intern mail box
These pages are available by adding /social at the end of the URL of your home page
(please remember that as SNS is based on profiling features, it’s available for the Portail Xpert and Portail Pro offers).

New Activities Tab

Social Networking Upgrade
A new Activities tab has been added. It gives a global view of all the contributions by your website members (NB: if there is no activity this tab does not appear).
By default, this tab is displayed in list mode. The list shows the contributions, from the most recent to the oldest ones.
All the contributions are shown in the tab by default. However, it’s possible to apply the filter to view only:
- comments to the articles
- messages to the forum
- ads
- agenda events
- new articles submission

If you are connected to your account, you could apply an additional filter that will allow to display only the contributions from the members you follow. More details on the following will be given in the next article.

An icon is attached to each of the contributions based on its type, which makes them more easily identifiable.

It’s also possible to view an entire contribution directly from the list by clicking on the link "More details". This link transforms in "Hide" , once the contribution is displayed.

Instead of list display there is a Mosaic display mode, which gives less information but is more visual.

Tomorrow we will talk about the updates to the Members page.

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