Some news before Christmas

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This week we planned some surprises for Christmas, while waiting, here are some small improvements that will make you surely happy :)

Newsletter Module

In the subscription module to the newsletter, you can now display a default text in the input field (example: Enter your email address).

Go with the flow module

Until now the module Go with the flow  would filter (include / exclude) sections, now it can also filter the folders.

News module

A new setting has appeared in the multi-function module. It is now possible to sort displayed articles by Tag (only one possible).

Related articles

As above, a new way of of sorting your articles has appeared in this module, but this time it's by author. Instead of listing related articles, the module lists all articles of the author of this one. (Please note, this module is not available on all offers).

Comments Rss feeds

We retrieve and display the photo of the author of each comment, you can also put a thumbnail by default when there is no picture associated. FYI we also recover the picture even if you use Twitter or Facebook connect :)

Article pages

After the author page, there is now the block author (see below), it is added from the advanced layout menu of the article page. This block can be placed both at the top and also below an article. The content of this block depends on the author page and therefore on the information you have filled in your profile in the Administration.

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