Stickyzone: Keep your logo always displayed!

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Today WMaker offers a new feature: the sticky zone, which is a new space navigation! Don't worry , we'll explain everything to you.

This super cool option allows you to add a new navigation bar in your site. You will tell me, but what's the point? Well a lot of things.
In this new space, you will have the opportunity :

- To integrate your logo, it will always be displayed on your site.
- To add more modules, WMaker gives you the ability to add your own sections that you want to appear in your sticky zone. If you would like to use the items of your navigation bar you can simply add its content. By cons, if you want the items to be different, it is also possible. We give the flexibility to everyone, there's something for everybody ;) But do not worry , we give you tips below!
- To customize this area.

Here are some examples to help you get a better picture:
- Frandroid:
- Tech Togs :

This new space will give some freshness to your site in a simple way . There will be no repetition because your sticky zone does not appear along with your navigation bar, but if you want, it can have the same role.

How to integrate the Sticky zone?

It's pretty easy:
Go to the menu Design > General Design > Home.
Click Add on the top right in your title area.
Stickyzone: Keep your logo always displayed!

In the popup, click on the tab Sticky zone, then "Add" This new zone will be displayed in your general design page of the back office.

⚠︎ Even if the sticky zone is displayed above the title area in your back office, it will be displayed on your site only when scrolling down passed the title area.

How to integrate modules in my Sticky zone?

Click Add on the top right of the sticky zone, and choose which module you would like to add.
We advise to use:
- Your logo
- The sections the most viewed, to enable your visitor to find them easily at any time
- Your social networks share buttons
- The date, why not?

Keep in mind to stay clear, a navigation module is already displayed on your site. So do not add too much content. The sticky zone gives a quick and permanent access to your logo and important content. Use it to highlight them!
Stickyzone: Keep your logo always displayed!

Customize your sticky zone

Of course you can set your sticky zone!
Go to the menu Design > Background/Format and customize your zone.

You can add a background colour, but also a background picture and borders.

Good to know:
- You can have different sticky zones depending on the templates or the same on all your pages
- Make sure to match the sticky zone with the rest of your website design for the consistency
- It has to be visible, but not aggressive
- Always use it in Full screen
Stickyzone: Keep your logo always displayed!

Try it!

Do not hesitate to use the mode "Draft" (Xpert and Pro offers) to test your new zone and its display! You will be able to adapt the colours if needed :)

Enjoy this new feature and give a great breath of fresh air to your site :)

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