Store innovations

Lesia on Friday, September 16th 2005

Store innovations
At first we propose you a new payment system, OGONE, available for belgium, netherlands, germany, switzerland, etc...

Moreover, all payment returns by bank card (whatever payment system) are notified now. Invoices are automatically confirm in our administration interface. You have just to deliver your items.

The presentation evolved too, now you can choice one of the three different types of home page for the store:

  • Classical: that is a list, categories are displayed ones below the others.
  • Mosaic: categories thumbnails are displayed.
  • Directory: setting in front of sub-categories for complexes tree structures.

For the last two types you can choice columns number too.
Finally, the counting of intracommunity VAT rules of the store is available now whatever the country (CEE).

I catch this opportunity to annonce you a new bilingual store: