Store upgrade: 2# Products details and inventory management

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Store upgrade: 2# Products details and inventory management
After is work on the cart , Sebastien P. went on improving the store.

The main changes are related to products details presentation and inventory management

Presenting products details

Now, we give you the opportunity to show your products according to 4 different types of presentation (to be more precise, 2 types and 4 layout modes taking into account left / right positionning)

The price of your products is more visible and the comments are better integrated in the page.

The "add to cart" button is positioned at the top of the page , for an easier and a faster access. Moreover, it is possible to replace this button by your own picture.

The product details presentation #3 and #4 have tabs. These tabs are particularly handy to show products that have long descriptions.

Finally, the way how your customers select options has been redesigned. If there are fewer than 5 possible combinations, the choice of an option is done from a radio button. It is much more intuitive for the customer. If there are more than 5 combinations, then the option is selected from a dropdown  list.

Inventory management

The inventory has been completely revised.

First, a search engine allows you to quickly find a product. In search results, the word "Activate" next to a product indicates that inventory management is not active. In this case, the product appears to be available all the time in your store. When inventory management is active, you quickly see the level of the stock.

Regarding inventory counting, you can decide in your store preferences to subtract the products from the stock when they are ordered or when they are shipped.

Google Analytics

Store upgrade: 2# Products details and inventory management
Finally, you can activate the e-commerce feature in Google Analytics for your store (still in beta, thanks for your feedback).

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