Syn Flow attack

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Since Saturday, we went through many very powerful Syn Flow attacks. We were able to contain the attacks until Sunday afternoon with short Down Time.

From 2:00 p.m. Sunday the attack was a lot more violent making, going up to 400 mb/s, it's huge!
WMaker & GoodBarber have not been available intermittently from the early afternoon into the evening.

During the attack, we set up several firewalls.
Changed configurations and rules .... 6 people worked yesterday on the attack.

We were in contact with OVH (our host) via our VIP advisor.
We have informed them throughout the day of our difficulties trying to sort things out.
Unfortunately our interlocutors had no solution either.

We set new firewalls with
different hardware and software above our architecture.
Because of the violence of the attack (more than 1Gb/s) OHV disabled the iP which was being attacked on its routers.

So we were forced to change our DNS (
Domain Name System that manage the address of your site).
The result is that approximately 10% of our sites are down (old DNS ) other sites are up with some slowdowns time due to the DNS propagation.

Right now, we are working hard to sort things
out as soon as possible with OVH boss, Octave Klaba.

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