The 116 new features of the V5

Lesia PIETRI on Thursday, June 9th 2011 I 0 Comment

The V5 is here ! To use it, just update your back office by clicking on the button in the top bar.

Here are the 116 news of this last version :

  1. Now WMaker allows you to get connected to all your sites with your Account ID
  2. 52 modules and shortcuts are now available in the dashboard
  3. Global reorganization of the menus and tabs for a quicker and more ergonomic access
  4. New features and layout of webservices, with a new placement for the addition and modification actions
  5. The back office now fits perfectly to the size of your browser
  6. Type of styles. you'll love it!!
  7. Name / Surname field was replaced by Author
  8. You can now duplicate your articles
  9. You can now duplicate your forms
  10. You can duplicate your shop products
  11. New interface for your editors
  12. New interface for your authors
  13. You can custom the access of the back office menus for your team
  14. Short URL : until 10 customized URLS for your Contact, About, Team pages, etc…
  15. The 301 Redirect for all your domains. It's automatic for all secondary domains
  16. Close some Webservices : you can redirect a webservice to a 404
  17. Delayed mailing to the minute for the Newsletter
  18. Status indicator of the servers when mailing your Newsletter
  19. Newsletter subscribers: quality indicator of your subscribers
  20. Bulletin PDF : complete review of the creation and layout
  21. Bulletin PDF : at last pictures in your bulletin
  22. Gallery : Faster multiple addition of your photos
  23. Templates indicator on the internal pages and also a unique selection in the template
  24. Colour your video player : prevalling, icons off, play & others and rollover
  25. New podcast player : video like
  26. Colour your podcast player : prevalling, icons off, play & others and rollover
  27. New article : add directly your tags without clicking on "More settings"
  28. New article : New Rich Text Editor (RTE)
  29. RTE : new features undo / redo
  30. RTE : find and replace :)
  31. RTE : add a link is now a kids' stuff
  32. RTE : full URL when mouse is over links
  33. RTE : enlarge the text box on all browsers
  34. RTE : right click copy / cut / paste
  35. Podcast : podcasts by paragraph
  36. Attachments : attachments by paragraph
  37. Pictures in your articles : in slideshow mode, feedback of the album thumbnail in the image tab
  38. Pictures in your articles : add a picture from your gallery
  39. Articles : Date of end of validity
  40. Form : a new type, the address block
  41. Form : visual feedback of elements added in the back office
  42. List of content : direct access to the comments of the article
  43. List of content : direct entry tags
  44. List of content : modification of the section, One click
  45. List of content : picture preview
  46. List of content : video indicator
  47. List of content : click on "More articles" to see many more articles
  48. List of content : suppression of the break in the drop-down menu of the sections
  49. Notification : document upload (Download and Attachments)
  50. Notification : gallery upload
  51. Notification : my documents upload
  52. New area Statistics (Ex menu of the Administration area) : for a quicker and easier access to all your stats
  53. Statistics : your bandwidth consumption detailed
  54. Statistics : the curve of your bandwidth on the visitors graphs
  55. Statistics : graph for connection origins
  56. Statistics : for the WP7 (Windows phone) applications : download, visits, visitors
  57. Statistics : new representation of the shop turnover
  58. Sitemaps : also for bing
  59. New article : selection of the author via Account ID
  60. New article : assign an article to another author
  61. Right / List of content : the editors see all the content of their section (even if written by admin)
  62. Menus : disable the Design area for admin
  63. Menus : disable / unable invoicing for admin
  64. Agency : Agency: extend your own test periods (+ 30d)
  65. Online help reorganized : the number of categories has been doubled to be clearer
  66. All Webservices : the breadcrumps show up to always know where you are
  67. Mobile version : disable the auto-detection of your mobile version
  68. Advertising iPhone application : statistics and graphs of CTR
  69. Date entry : new input format with calendar associated
  70. Alert messages on the home page of the back office: the notification are now by user and not by site
  71. On all lists : alternated rows and rollover for a better reading comfort
  72. Inbox : access menu to the inbox from the help center
  73. Shortcuts draggable with drag & drop on the webservices homepage
  74. Syntax checking of the rewrited URL : autocorrect to the right URL
  75. Webservice Gallery: search engine in the back office
  76. Webservice Classified ads : search engine in the back office
  77. Webservice Link directory : search engine in the back office
  78. Webservice Glossary and FAQ : search engine in the back office
  79. New Newsletter : alphabetical order for the recipients groups, the default group is highlighted (not deletable, not changeable)
  80. Videos duplication on Dailymotion
  81. Caption clickable and editable for the slideshow in the articles
  82. New design for the back office : clearer, CSS3 integration, new colours, new banner
  83. New design for the login box to the back office
  84. New creation form for the shop products
  85. New ergonomics for managing product options (iBox)
  86. New banner for blog+ and blogs offers
  87. New ibox to add pictures in your articles : list / mosaic preview for pictures and albums of your gallery
  88. Gallery : new mosaic presentation fully editable
  89. Gallery : new table presentation with preview of the picture while mouseover
  90. Downloads : preview of the document directly in the list
  91. Calendar : preview of the event picture directly in the list, more info (location)
  92. Classifieds ads : preview of the ad picture directly in the list, more info (author, views, responses)
  93. Shop products list : preview of the main picture directly in the list, more info (stocks, sales)
  94. Advertising banner : new presentation of the table and preview of the banner while mouseover
  95. Link directory : preview of the picture directly in the list
  96. In all webservices : categories and tags (if available) are directly editable from the list
  97. Pictures of your articles : New link "Modify the picture" next to "Delete picture"
  98. Article modification : now you can delete an article directly from the form
  99. Article modification : advanced layout clearer with a preview button at the bottom of the page
  100. Article modification : form settings in an ibox for a quicker access
  101. Forum : search engine
  102. Pagger at the top for the list >20
  103. All webservices : research offers check boxes to change several categories or state.
  104. Sections : you can now transfer a sub-section and its articles in another section
  105. Front section : 2 new presentation : Blog 16/9 + Multi-headline I Sort classic / mosaic sort I Sort : Most commented, Most viewed, Most recent, Alphabetic, Oldest
  106. Pictures format : now it's a general setting. You choose for your site 16/9 or square thumbnail
  107. New colours selection box
  108. CSS3 and new PHP version
  109. Optimization of logins
  110. "My posts" module : you can now filter by folders (only for portals)
  111. Shortcut to save an article with Mac OS :   + S
  112. Better management for videos errors : 3 new errors to be clearer and more responsive
  113. Wmaker widget : you can export WM modules !
  114. New article form setting : save before preview
  115. New article form / Similar articles : indication of the selecting mode of similar articles
  116. Shop products list : clicking on the thumbnail allows to post a product in headlines and feedback of the position on the thumbnail (like article)

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