The newsletter modernize itself !

Carina Portella on Wednesday, July 6th 2005 I 0 Comment

The newsletter modernize itself !
Following an increasingly keen demand, we completely re-examined the webservice Newsletter to bring a modular architecture to it.
How for your Home Page, you will be now able to build a pagination to measure!

Concretely, the possibilities are infinite. Define the number of columns and their appearance, add as many modules as you want : last comments, photo album, or products of your shop...
This innovation will surely give to your messages a professional side by generating an HTML page similar to your website in the letter-box of your recipients.

Side Back office, you lay 2 new menus "Design" and "Background/Gabarit" in the Webservice>Newsletter part. The use should be easy because the ergonomics is like the Design one.

Be careful
The newsletter will not have exactly the same appearance that the former version. It is different because it don't have anymore the culumn available by default.
But a few clics will be enough to restore your column, its colors and the contents.
As in the Design, the drop-down menu of the central column makes it possible to add columns on the left or on the right.

For many of you, this usefull webservice will bring you traffic. Know that we propose the best capacity ratio of send/price of all the market (up to 10 times less expensive!).

Some technicals details
Gillian configured the mail server so that it is able to distribute its task between all our servers available as soon as the list of emission lengthens.
Indeed in the domain of e-mail diffusion it is not the power of the server sender which is important but the response time of the recipients' servers. It is better to have several servers than only a powerful one.

That enables us to distribute massive sendings of newsletter very quickly.

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