The statistics server died Saturday night

Lesia on Tuesday, November 29th 2005

In the night of  the 24th to the 25th the stat server had problems. Gillian was awaked at 01:00 am by our monitoring system. He repatriated the whole of the logs files on another server. Yesterday we tried to start again the stat server without success. 

Thus we changed of method and we launched 3 servers to calculate the statistics.

These 3 servers calculate a day of stat in 10 hours. But 6 days of stat miss since November 24, a simple mutiplication show that it will take 60 hours of calculations to arrive at today.  

The statistics server died Saturday night
However while these 60 hours the 3 days will have passed...thus by using this formula: 

   n= n/24 * 10 + 10 * 6 (where n = resynchronization time) 

We obtain n = 100, so Sunday evening 

But we wont stop here, we have 8 servers including a big bi-Xéon in lack of work. From tomorrow we launch everybody in the arena.