The top bar in technicolor

Jerome Granados on Monday, June 9th 2008 I 0 Comment

This little detail that grip the eye will be very useful.

In your back office top bar, ergonomics has been revised for the support link.

The same way its goes with an email client, when you have unread threads, the link "support" turns bold and yellow. Between brackets, you have the number of unread threads.
The top bar in technicolor

By the way, you will notice that the mention (new) next to the link "help" and the link "back to V3" have been removed.

Removing the link "back to V3" do not mean that the V3 is no longer available. Just go to the V3 login page by typing :

Why removing this link then ? Simply because V3 will be closed by the end of the summer 2008.

We know that some details available in V3 are missing in V4. This missing details can be easily added in the V4. We will do this during this summer.

Don't wait V3 closing to tell us what is missing in V4. Use this post to give your suggestions.

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