Type of style: a little known but very useful tool

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Type of style: a little known but very useful tool
The type of style is a tool that was built with the V5. It was conceived and created during the redesign of the back office WMaker.

When we published it the first time, we had in mind a very clear idea of ​​its use: creating a style and then apply it to all modules of a site.

But then, for my part, through its daily use, I found out that the initial version of the tool had its limit and created some frustration. So I asked for few improvements.

Above all, let's go back in time to remind you what you could do with this tool before its update.

- Create a template of module by setting its fonts (the 10 most used labels), its borders, spacing, background colours, etc.
- Preview this model from the Preview tab.
- Apply this model to existing modules (all templates or one precisely) and to future modules added.
- Apply this model to a particular module from its tab Module

With hindsight, we have listed the improvements to the type of style to make it even more functional. Let's check its updates.

Creation of several templates

Sometimes a font or header setting does not fit for all modules of your site. For example you might want a header with a picture on the modules of your homepage but you may do not want to have these headers in the internal pages.

We offer you the possibility to create up to 5 different styles.

With this new feature I would advise you to proceed as follows when you get to work on integrating your new site:
- Create a model for the homepage,
- Create a model for internal standard
pages (type Article)
- And create a model for internal page list type (type Section).

The reason I recommend you to do so, is that there is now, two new options to take advantage of different styles set.
1 / Rules tab, the possibility to apply a template only to internal pages.
2 / New tab management in the internal pages to implement a model on a particular page.
Type of style: a little known but very useful tool

Fonts matching

I mentioned a little higher some frustration, well, when applying a style it is expected that all fonts are taken into account and unfortunately it wasn't the case.

We therefore performed fundamental work going into each module to match each font in a label of the model and this logically. That way no font is forgotten and the colours of your site will remain consistent after applying your style.

Of course the type of style is not everything, you will still pass in each module and page to make some adjustments, but using it often, I find  this tool saving a lot of time :)

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