URL Rewriting and Dynamic Meta for your rubrics

Lesia on Wednesday, October 5th 2005

URL Rewriting and Dynamic Meta for your rubrics
Now, the URL Rewriting is in all rubrics of your portal or your blog. You haven't to do anything, if the URL Rewriting was activated now it applies to rubrics.

We also activated the Dynamic Meta on the pages displaying your rubrics.

URL Rewriting

Automatically: it's activated on the rubrics if you had choosen this option in the referencing page. It relates to:

1.Navigation page
2.The Bread crumb (in the articles for exemple)
3.The rubric module
4.The rubrics in the front page module

Not automatically: There isn't retroactivity for the following modules:

1.Displaying menu
2.Personal menu
3.Personal link

For these 3 modules, you have just to delete the link toward the rubric and to recreate it.

Dynamic Meta

This functionality ever existed for your articles, it just be extended for rubrics.
3 Meta tags are regularly used to describe a page.