URL rewriting to improve SEO for your website

Jerome Granados / Katia Jannin on Wednesday, March 11th 2009 I 1 Comment

A bunch of parameters take part into SEO

URL rewriting to improve SEO for your website
There are a lot of parameters that take part in the referencing improvement. To simplify it as much as possible, it can be said that it's necessary to operate on 2 levels: on an editorial level (that's your job as a webmaster), and on an technical level (that's our job as your favorite CMS provider).

In our team, some persons always make sure that the application optimizes the technical aspects that enable a good referencing in searching engines, google in particular.

We're going to put online some novelties so you can go even further in the optimization of your referencing.
Starting with the url rewriting today!

With the url rewriting, the referencing of the pages of your site is getting more relevant.

The url rewriting is a technic that consists in re-write the adress of your site pages. Thanks to it, your sites will display urls way clearer for your users as for the search engines robots.

The new adress of the page, also contains key words, directly matching with the content of the page. This will greatly take part in the referencing in the search engines because the url + the content of the page will get more relevant.

URL rewriting for all the pages of the application.

The url rewriting already applied on all the article and section pages. The technic has been widen to all the pages of the application.

Thus, from now, all the webservices have an explicit adress. Some exemples:

- http://tech.wmaker.net/forum / for the forum
- http://www.competencephoto.com/photos/ for the galery
- http://www.rcpilot-online.com/classifieds/ for the classifieds
- http://www.fullofsound.com/agenda/ for the calendar
- http://www.universalguitars.fr/shop/ for the shop
- http://www.handicapinternational.be/downloads/ for the downloads
- http://blog.wmaker.net/glossary/ for the glossary
- etc ..............................................

And that's not all, the URL rewriting will also apply to all the deep links, in short to all the pages of the application. Let's take the calendar for an exemple.

Webservice URL :

"Concert Province" section URL
Note that the section title displays in the URL

"Nawo (Tartare)" event URL

There too, the URL contains the title of the event.

The url rewriting principle has been applied everywhere, in all webservices. Thus, the adresses of your website pages will gain in relevance.

That's up to you know to use the right sentences and key words. This work is fundamental to obtain a great referencing. Think of give relevant titles to all the elements of your site: categories, event titles, photos, glossary, download files, ....

I can't tell that the Url-rewriting project hasn't took a bunch of time, because there are so much links, notably deep links. Some of you have been disturbed by little bugs that have been solved quickly, but I think that those little problems will rapidly be forgotten.

URL rewritting also in the backoffice ;)

How do you find those new URLs? For our part, we think they are great. That's why we went further in the perfectionism and decided to use them also in the backoffice.

The back office is not crawled by search robots, so the backoffice url rewriting is useless for the referencing. However, it's a use confort for you and for us, when we help you in the support. We can now guide you more easily to the right page ;)

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