Uploader 2.1 : strengthened security

Jerome Granados / Katia Jannin on Monday, September 22nd 2008 I 0 Comment

The uploader has been put online on august the first, and since then Christian and Samir have made a fixation, starting a drastic security audit on the Uploader 2.0.

But be releaved, it wasn't an imperative to apply the most bizarre tests on this nice uploader, because till then, none of you informed us about any bug.

Uploader 2.1 : strengthened security

The context

So what happened? Why  such a challenge? To tell you so, I have to reveal all the rivalries that exist in the WMaker team, and that we keep silent on in the blog...

We work in a big open space, which has been set up again at the start of the year. The disposition of this space reveals to parts:
the FRONT OFFICE ( yeah, we're in that part!), and the BACK OFFICE ( booooooooooo !)

You also have to know that WMaker is composed of very teasing personnalities. Thus, between the back and the front, it's an everyday battle: unperceptible caustic remarks, jokes, attacks... I let you  imagine.

Consequently, it happens sometimes that someone gets touchy, and takes up some challenges. That's what happened with our  2 specialists of the video, who belong ( please be nice with them ) to the backoffice :)

More seriously, congratulations to Christian and Samir for the work realized on the Uploader 2.1. Here's its principal caracteristics :

https Connexion

Compared with the 2.0 version, the security of your connexion to the backoffice via the uploader has been strengthened thanks to the https protocol.

The use of this protocol garanty the privacy and integrity of the information you send.

A better gestion of file extentions

In the 2.0 version the file extentions were case-sensitive. It's not anymore. You can now drag and drop in the uploader either a .MPEG or a .mpeg

It's also possible to send 3gp files. It was a 2.0 version omission.

How to install it

The uploader functionning hasn't changed at all. Let's have a quick recap thought:

1 - install ADOBE AIR.

2 - Install the new uploader version. The instal file is available in MANAGEMENT > Editorial staff > other publication methods > "uploader" tab

3 - Open your website publication API. MANAGEMENT > Editorial staff >other publication methods > "API" tab

4 - Choose the section in which will be placed the videos sent by the uploader.

Then, anytime you'll send a video from the uploader, a new article will be created. Its status will be "pending", and the video name will temporally be the article name.

Once the installation is complete, you'll see that icon on your desk. Use it to launch the Uploader 2.1

Uploader 2.1 : strengthened security

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