Using the Open Graph Tags

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Your favorite CMS uses Open Graph.

If you do not know the
Open Graph protocol , remember that this is a collection of tags invented by Facebook to describe your pages. These tags can add "meaning" to your content. This makes the sharing in social networks more effective. These tags also help to improve your SEO.

A concrete example

Using the Open Graph Tags
Let's take as an example the article IAA: Delphi Shows LBS through NFC-enabled Key Fob

With Open Graph, we can specify in the HTML code that this page has a video. When the page is shared on Facebook, the video is detected and the player of  your site is called. It is then possible to play the video directly on Facebook.

Since it's your player, if you inserted a watermark, a pre-roll advertising, text advertising, etc., they will also appear when the video will be played.

We have integrated the Open Graph Tags on your site's home page, article page for the CMS and the video page for the Web TV.

For the specific case of the home page, og tags allow you to associate a default tthumbnail to your site. This is the thumbnail called "Picture Site" in:
- For the CMS Management > Preferences
- For Web TV, Settings >
Website parameters

What I really like is when you click on the "Like" button on one of your pages, on the
Facebook  wall, the link that is generated is much more powerful. It takes the title of the article, the thumbnail and its description. The information is enhanced, it increases your chances to get traffic on your site.

Open Graph and are promising technologies in the field of semantic web. We carry on our active watch on the subject and we will gradually implement their use in WMaker.

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