V4 planning of WMaker

Lesia on Friday, January 12th 2007

We sequenced in several parts the launching of the V4 in order to put as quickly as possible the results of our work in your hands.

1) V4 Management in Beta

Itwill be more ergonomic and simpler. After this step the management willbe entirely rewriting. To carry out this shake-up we created adevelopment Framework which represents an enormous work, but it's thehidden part of the iceberg. In fact, thanks to this invisible work, itwill be faster to integrate new developers. Originally planned at theend of January we took delay following the absence of Gillian.Fortunately we work as a pair and Laurent works alone now. We thinkthat we will be able to deliver this version in beta from the end ofFebruary.

Launching : At the end of February 2007

2) Launching of a Plug-in architecture

Theplug-in is an application adding functionalities in your site. Itallows to realise some important projects like "a booking system" or tobe able to interact with your portal.
Consequently you will beable to ask any developer (with talent ;-) to extend WM functions. Wewill provide you specifications explaining the functioning.

We will also deliver some one of our plug-in.

Launching : March 2007

3) Final V4 Management

Finalization of the V4 management + a surprise ;-)

Launching: April 2007

4) New functionalities (Site side)

This last step will sprawl over 3 months for new functionalities :

- Blog creation from your portal,
- SNS (Social Network System) integrated,
- A new Webservice for the Video

+ An advanced mobile version

Launching : April 2007 - May 2007 - June 2007

Other info

FromApril, we will concentrate our staff on the front part of the sitesuntil the end of the year. It will allow us to reconsider the displaymode. The developers will work more closely with Lesia to prepare youbeautiful model collection in 2007.

Technologically, we will use more and more semantic Web because it will specify the references in the future.

I hope my note will have give you the informations that you wait on theV4. I can confirm to you that 2007 will be one year very rich ininnovations.