V6: Less is more

Sébastien Simoni on Monday, January 6th 2014 I 0 Comment

V6: Less is more
Today, we are very happy to launch the WMaker V6. It arrives on the 6th of January like the 3 kings, but we started working on it a while before the 25th of December :)

We published around every 3 years and half a new version of WMaker, the V5 came out in July 2011. In the future, in order to stick to the evolution of the net, we will try our best to publish a new version yearly. V6 is the start of a new cycle for 2014. A new rhythm with new features nearly every weeks and a big novelty every month.

With the V6, we didn't try to make it look spectacular, for lots of you, WMaker is a work tool. So we  focused to improve your work condition, ergonomics has been subtly redesigned with a key word: "Less is more".

The back office Design changes its display to become "flat" without shadow, without 3D effect. This allows us to visually lighten the interface and in short, to make it more modern. This new approach is applied for example to the editorial page of articles. It allowed us while simplifying it, to add it new features.

Content grid before/after


From today, you go strait to a new interface to manage your site. We chose to switch directly without transition to V6 thanks to our new organization. Indeed parallel to the development, we conducted systematic testing phase on the CMS. In short we do not know how to tell you, but we are sure of us!

PS: The best testers are still you ... So our whole team is looking forward to have your first impressions of the version that we offer. Do not hesitate to send us your comments and suggestions via the support!

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