Video 2.0

Lesia PIETRI on Tuesday, November 28th 2006

We have just to put on line a major evolution. For a few months, we host videos on our server in their format. But the lamda user had some problems with it because he did not always have the goog reader.

WM integrates now the same technology as the video websites like Youtube or Daillymotion. Furthermore we guarantee that with WM you will never have publicity on your videos.

All our videos are automatically encoded in Flash format by our servers.

What is the advantage of this format ?

99,99 % of web navigators are able to read the Flash (FLV). In more you can change the display format of the video and even display it in fullscreen with Zoom function.

In the parametrers of the page "Write" you can choice several display sizes :

- embedded in the article in formats 320*240 or 400*300
- in iBox 640*480 it's very beautiful !

The idea of a display in iBox was borrowed from Thierry Bézier with which we worked on the localization of Wmaker in Japon, currently he publishes a very good blog of interview about Web 2.0 actors.

Screen captures

Video 2.0

We make screen captures of the 10th second of you video to illustrate it.

Video 2.0