Video Sitemaps available

Jerome Granados / Katia Jannin on Wednesday, September 3rd 2008 I 0 Comment

Video Sitemaps available
It's done, Samir has just put it online! Your site has his own video sitemaps.
Thanks to this automatically sent data, your video referencing will be greatly improved.

This functionality, available from blog pro, is working for all your video-page videos.

It permits referencing  your video content in google video.
Video Sitemaps available

Each video played in your video page has its own URL. To do so, we're doing URL rewriting. In the video sitemaps, we're pointing the video URL and also its thumbnail URL.

It results that a content search in google video leads to your video thumbnail display (note the presence of your website favico in the bottom left of your thumbnail. It's probably added by google), while the video is playing directly from your video page.

Playing the video directly from your video page, in the google video website ( in an iframe ) has various assets:
- Your watermark is in evidence while the video is playing.
- If you play advertising in your videos, they'll appear.
- The visitors can easily reach the other videos of your website, can see your design, etc... they will probably consult a little more your website content :)

Video Sitemaps available

Now let's flow the Internet with your videos :)

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