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Sébastien Simoni on Monday, December 2nd 2013 I 1 Comment

We wanted to talk about our mobile road map to let you know what's going on. We're working on both, site and back office side for mobile.

- Website (front office): there is a big buzz about Responsive Web Design (RWD), but there is actually various technologies to make your mobile site.

- Back office: the most effective technology is the Native technology, a soft dedicated to the Operating System of your smart phone.

Mobile version of the back office

We had delayed the development of the Back Office Apps to give the priority to the Front Apps visible by your readers. In fact we started with the most difficult but now we had to offer you a superb Application for your Back Office.

Because of the fusion with GoodBarber we have a very good team of mobile application developers. This allowed us to start a project to have a Mobile Apps WMaker.NET and WMaker.TV to manage your sites. A big ^part of our team will be  working on it from December, in order to offer an iPhone and Android App ready for February 2014.

Mobile version of your sites

It is a complicated topic, because to realise a Responsive Web Design, we have to restart from zero. Also, RWD is not adapted for all sites, especially for news websites. For these sites, we will offer a technology a lot more powerful than the RWD.

3 solutions will be available:

Integrated mobile version
We will improve our mobile version which is very flexible and well integrated, but with an old fashioned design. The advantage is that it is very easy and see-through, as soon as the update will be available, you'll be using it. This is the solution the most used by CMS with a mobile version integrated or plugged in. When a visitor lands on your website from his mobile phone, he's sent to the mobile version with the possibility to choose to the web display instead.

Responsive web design templates
We will create new responsive templates in 2014, by RWD we mean that the new templates will adapt themselves to the resolution of the screen used. The difference with the mobile version integrated is that it's the site that adapts by hiding some elements and by linearising its design. It is more suited for static or showcase sites, these sites have the particularity to resize when you reduce your window. However, you will have to completely re-design your site using these new templates. This means designing more simple websites to provide an optimal viewing experience, easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling.

Mobile Web App
To finish, we will give you the best of the the HTML5 Web App  technology via GoodBarberThis technology has the advantage over RWD to transmit only the necessary data to the client mobile, which greatly optimizes the display time. This kind of mobile version has exactly the same rendering than a native mobile application. This will require few settings on GoodBarber but it will not be necessary to redo your site. Finally, this technology will be available for free for our customers WMaker and available before the end of the year :)

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