WMaker.tv Now Interfaces With StickyADStv

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WMaker.tv Now Interfaces With StickyADStv

From now on you can include ads from StickyADStv into your online videos!

StickyADStv diffuses advertising campaigns for big brands and allows to put their TV campaigns on the web.



These are pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll ads. FYI: 

- pre-roll
ad is an online video ad that you have to sit through before you can watch the video.

-mid-roll ad is an ad that appears during the video. 
It can be a video ad. In that case, it will play in the middle of the video. 
Or it can be an overlay ad, which is an advertising banner that appears at bottom of the currently playing video.
Notice that you have the possibility to decide when to launch the mid-roll ad.

-  post-roll ad is an
in-stream video ad that automatically plays at the end of publisher video content.

WMaker.tv Now Interfaces With StickyADStv

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