Wallpaper Advertising for your websites and webTV

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Wallpaper Advertising for your websites and webTV
We all know the importance of advertisements and their benefits they bring. There are already several advertising formats available in your back office, but a new one has just arrived. 

Website wallpaper ad is a space allocated to advertisements at the top and sides of each page. This advertising space constitutes what we call an arch, or a bridge.
Generally reserved for the most important pages of your site, wallpaper advertisements are appealing because they are displayed in an attractive space. This format usually generates a high click rate (between 2 and 5%) and provides good visibility for advertisers.
Wallpaper Advertising for your websites and webTV

Many of you were asking about it, so here's how it's done. 

How can I add wallpaper ad to my back office?

Up until now, it was rather complicated to make the background clickable. You had to add an empty module, create transparent .png images for the top of the image, input codes...at the end of the day it worked, but it's not exactly what you expect from your favorite CMS. Therefore, we did what we had to do to change this. 
Wallpaper Advertising for your websites and webTV

From now on, it's much easier.

Go to the menu Web ads manager > Website layout tab.
Upload your advertisement (background image) and choose your options.

You can choose Fixed or Floating alignment, add the height (in pixels) of the arch in the designated field, the link, and then choose whether you wish to open the link in a new window or not. 
Wallpaper Advertising for your websites and webTV

This advertising format cannot be added to an existing campaign, the site wallpaper is independent of campaigns containing your banners.
You can also display it on your internal pages, assigning wallpaper by template and choosing a precise period of display.

As soon as a wallpaper is set up for the homepage and/or one or all of its templates, it will take over the background image that has been set in the Background/Format menu. 

When can it be used?

Don't overdo it..this format is rather intrusive and should be used sparingly. We suggest that you use it intermittently with your classic background image and do not constantly have a wallpaper advertisement on your site. 

The wallpaper adapts particularly well to product launch campaigns, or to particular events such as New Year's celebrations, sales, etc. 


A bridge is not simply just a background image, it must be closely examined in order to be correct pixel-wise. You will have to send a mockup image to the graphic designer, and the center of the mockup must correspond exactly to the central column size and color. 

The total width of the bridge must take several parameters into account, such as whether or not space in the columns is needed depending on the central column (the pattern of your site), etc...here is a common configuration:

       Create a jpg or png image that is 1620X1000 pixels. 
The format is only one part made of 4 related zones:
  • Zone 1 : left column, 300X1000 pixels
  • Zone 2 : upper banner, 1020X240 pixels
  • Zone 3 : right column, 300X1000 pixels
  • Zone 4 : central zone, 1020X760 pixels with just the background color.
Wallpaper Advertising for your websites and webTV

To finish

Now it's up to you to try, but take note that it is not advised to monetize more than one or two campaigns per month in order to avoid weary visitors and therefore shrinking revenues. 

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