Who is the hosted CMS that offers the best capacities?

Sébastien Simoni / Katia Jannin on Friday, June 5th 2009 I 0 Comment

Who is the hosted CMS that offers the best capacities?
We've boosted capacities for the transfer of datas and for storage ! You've always had comfortable hosting capacities at WMaker, thus we continue this way!

As we're in love with technique, we've always used the most advanced hardware in our architecture.
For an exemple, we dipose of X4540 file servers that hold 48 hard disks.

The advantage of those machines, beside of being upscaled, is that the Go costs about 1$ (working force not counted)

Thus we've greatly surpassed our competitors concerning the proposed storage capacities.

The new hard disks, low consumption with a high capacity, 1 To up to 2 To, will increase this advance.

However, for the transfered datas, we depended on the market prices. The incredible raise of the video traffic had blocked the bandwidth prices for nearly 2 years.

For more than a year now, all our network architecture has been set up to be a 100% Gigabits, at the level of SUN servers as well as the Cisco switches.

This data runway was shrinked on a small road, our network connexion was 2 x 100 Mb/s (garanted with QoS)

We renegociated our agreements with OVH and took the occasion to raise the capacity transfered datas (bandwidth).

We dispose of 2 x 400 Mb/s that we can upgraded rapidly to 2 x 1000 Mb/s. To go further, we'll need a 10Gb/s router. We're expecting this for 2010...

Today, we've also updated the capacities of the offer table. The unit prices have been added at the end of the table for the ones who punctually need more bandwidth.

Always more for the same price...

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