Work in progress on the modules

Sébastien Simoni / Katia Jannin on Thursday, November 27th 2008 I 0 Comment

Work in progress on the modules
In this note a quick overview of the work that is done actually on the overhaul of the modules, and a view of what we expect to do to ease the design management.

Module overhaul

The production of new designs leads up to overhaul the modules in order to match the designers expectations.

We already have checked, modified and improved :
- the Archive/With the Flow module (read note)
- the Tag module (read note)
- the Headlines module (modern 4,3, 2, 1)
- the News module (read note)
- The Headlines Section (block, links, tabs, scrolling, 16/9)

We pursue actually with the Dropdown menu, Forum module and XML module. I'll detail all this new functions in the dedicated notes, when they'll release. You'll also see how they're used in the new templates, from the brand new WM portal page, dedicated to real scale template demonstration.

A 3 person team is on this project. By the end of the year, all modules will be reviewed.

Meanwhile, another team is working on the SNS and the webservices.

We want to perfectionate the modules in order to free the creativity of the designers working with WM templates.

Those new modules, associated with new display sizes, offer an incredible toolbox to rewise your designs, integrating the last Web 2.0 ergonomic discoveries.

To continue: saving templates and unified style sheet

Once the work on all modules is done, we'll pursue the improvements for the Design. But this time, concentrating on a heavy work that needs to operate on the center of the application. Its goal: make your Design management more comfortable.

For an exemple, we want to enable you:
- saving your templates or
- create an unified style sheet (=>to apply a pre-defined style to your whole site)

Thanks to those new possibilities, you'll reach huge gains of productivity. This will particulary be true for the WMaker users that steadily develop their design.

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