X-HTML : The hidden revolution

Lesia on Thursday, October 6th 2005

X-HTML : The hidden revolution
As we announced it at the beginning of September, we started the recasting of the sites in the Xhtml 1.1 standard.

It's an essential work which involves the rewriting of the WM engine of posting. Currently we have restructured 20 % of the modules of your sites. But with the experience the rate of development increase these last days. Mid-November all sites should respect the W3C standard.

Our method consists in a validation of module by module. Currently yours sites contain both rewriting modules in the Xhtml 1.1 standard and the previous modules optimized for a IE display.

Even if at this moment this work is relatively transparent for you, at the end you will take advantage of this recasting.


The new source code of your sites will almost divide the content from the page setting. It should improve their referencing in the search engines. And in any case prepare your sites to the future evolutions of the algorithms of Google, Yahoo, MSN,...On the other hand we used the pages rewriting to organize in a hierarchy all your content by using the tags. These tags are used by the search engines to give more importance to your titles.

Speed of posting:

We made tests on a previous page and Xhtml page, the difference of weight between 2 identical pages is of 25%. It will reduce your consommation of bandwidth and will speed up pages posting on the modern computer. On the server side we use this recasting to optimize some requests.
In general this new conception should make less requests to the database notably the design which is particulary improved on WM.

It's a little technical but I hope that my explanations will set you straight about the invisible work of a part of the team for the beginning of September. We will publish other posts to inform you about other underground works.