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Jerome Granados on Tuesday, September 29th 2009 I 0 Comment

cc flickr from bschmove
cc flickr from bschmove
You’ve been using all the features of the renewed gallery for a week now. We haven’t mentioned it yet, but the complete overhaul of a webservice usually calls forth titanic efforts.
Indeed, our human engineers, designers, developers and administrators have been all gathered. It’s crucial to involve all our specialists on every key step of the overhaul in order to ensure usability, technical feasibility and performance of new features.

We cared for your feedback to our new gallery and closely looked through your comments to meet your adjustment requirements as soon as possible:

• It’s possible to add hyperlinks in the images description (thanks to Gerald from
• The problem with the thumbnail in slideshow was settled up (thanks to Alex from

We also followed the exchange in tips to introduce the slideshow into other pages with an iframe. We will stick at beacon tag embed. From now on, it will be easier to use :).

Another recurrent requirement concerns sub-categories in the Gallery. However, in our opinion it’s a false good idea. The tags will do better. We will try to introduce this option soon.

There is a small disappointment concerning the Flickr import :( I have the impression that this feature is not of interest to you. Personally, we use it in our blog, and find it very useful. Don’t you think so?

I forgot one last thing! The list mode in the back office. This display mode allows you to treat your pictures by lots (delete, change the status, move from one album to another...)

There is a good advancement in the new gallery, it just remains to trim up some details to further improve your websites... ;)

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