Your mobile versions keep getting better!

Jerome PIETRI on Thursday, April 23rd 2015 I 0 Comment

As Sébastien promised in the previous article, we continued working on the mobile version not only to deal with the changes implemented by Google, but also to continue making it more beautiful and of higher functionality. 

We have created new modules for you and have improved the setting options on your navigation pages

Static List Module

Unlike the Swipe menu, this new module will allow you to browse in the mobile versions directly from the home screen and will display a visual menu containing your images—it could be used with static showcase sites, for example. This module's settings work the same way as the Custom Menu module on the web version of your sites. First you add your various menus and choose which pages they lead to. Once you have create your links, you add your visuals. 

This navigation module allows for 4 different types of displays: Visual, headline's Grid, Grid, and Classic.

If you choose the Grid display, we suggest you add margins on the sides of the module in order to create a nice effect.
Concerning the Classic display, we chose to tie the color of the arrows and the links together to maintain a consistent display. 

The images are automatically cropped from the center of the picture according to the screen size of the device being used and the type of display that has been chosen. 

Article Module

This module works the same way as the One Article module on the web version.
You can choose the number of paragraphs to display, manually choose the article, or automatically display the last article, the most viewed or most commented on.

For example, it's very practical for displaying an "About" page directly on the home screen of of your mobile versions.
Your mobile versions keep getting better!

Navigation page

Jean-Mathieu also addressed the layout of your section pages. Now you have a choice between three types of displays: the Classic, Grid, or Visual display. 
Your mobile versions keep getting better!

Make Google happy, treat your visitors by improving their user experience and make yourself happy too with your beautiful mobile version!

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