iPhone: dedicated mobile version

Jerome Granados on Wednesday, May 21st 2008 I 1 Comment

iPhone: dedicated mobile version
We keep improving the mobile version of your website by launching today the iPhone version.

People having an iPhone (or an iPod Touch) will automatically access from the palm of their hand all your videos and podcasts.

This version has been developped to take full advantage of the iPhone Safari browser.

Jean-Mathieu went on his work on the "classical" mobile version to add new features. They will be also available on future devices running on android, Google's OS for mobile.

Ergonomy and mobile design

iPhone has a wonderful 3.5-inch widescreen, so, we modified the title banner size. On the iPhone version, you can add a 320 px width title banner.

We also adapt the size of the images in articles. We resize them to have a width of 300 px. For videos in articles, we automatically create a 300 px width thumbnail.

In order to have an homogeneous design for modules, we display the article's date if there is no available thumbnail.

The footer is more complete.It proposes links to the home page, the video page, the pofdcast page, the rss feed. By clicking  on "email", you launch iPhone's email client and your are ready to sent an email to the webmaster. Note that the bullets in the footer can be customized ;)

Mobile web services

We have gathered all the videos in a single page.

We you upload a video, we automatically convert it in 3 formats. .flv to play it from a web browser, .3gp to download it from a mobile and .mpeg4 to play it from a TVbox, a RSS reader .... or the iPhone.

We have gathered all the podcasts in a single page.

We did for podcasts the same as we did for videos. iPhone users can access a page where they can stream all the podcasts of the website.

From the technical side

We use ajax in the iPhone version.

Displaying features have been enhanced for all the modules. We had huge compatibility constraints to respect for the "classical" mobile version. In the iPhone version, this is no longer the case. We could add horizontal rules, arrows, bullets, and other graphical elements.

We automatically detect if your website is browsed from an iPhone. If it is the case, the iPhone version will be displayed at first. The user can still access the web version by clicking on the dedicated link at the bottom of the pages.

When a user leaves a comment on your website from a mobile device, we discreetly mention it.

What's next ...

The web services pages are going to grow up.  Now that the Video and the Podcast pages are achieved, we are going to start working on the Calendar, the Forum and the Classified Ads pages.

We are going to add a new page in your back office. It will be used to customize the following elements on your iPhone version :
  • General backgroung color
  • Separators color
  • Arrows color
  • Back button
  • iPhone favico

I let you guess when those additional features will be available .... why not on the 9th of June, when everybody assumes that Apple will officially launch the 3G iPhone ;)

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The i phone looks great . Apple is improving like anything. I am very excited to buy this new gizmo on the block.


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