iPhone version: modules headlines and Latest News revisited

Jerome Granados / Katia Jannin on Tuesday, February 10th 2009 I 0 Comment

The headlines and the Latest News are the first modules that your visitors consult. We've widen the presentation possibilities of their content on your website mobile version homepage.
Now that's up to you to add your personnal touch.

Headlines module

iPhone version: modules headlines and Latest News revisited
The iPhone version of the Headlines Module improves. There are now 4  available positions: a principal and 3 secondary positions.

Position 1 (principal): a title and a complete illustration. Below, the summary or the start of the first paragraph.

Position 2  to 4 (secondary positions): title + 16/9 illustration (remember to use the crop function writting your articles) + summary or paragraph break.

Note the appearance of new fonts to set the author name, the date and the break text.

To customize your iPhone headlines module, go in DESIGN > mobile design > headlines

Latest News Module:

iPhone version: modules headlines and Latest News revisited
You can choose an alternated background color: this makes more ergonomic the consultation of your articles. Note that they are displayed in a go with the flow style.

This setting is to be found in the Design Menu of the module. Have a look at the image.

Still in the Design menu > General Settings, you can check the rounded edges box. It's beautiful!

Then, note the changing concerning the "more articles" button. It's way more easy to click.

iPhone version: modules headlines and Latest News revisited
See you for more ;)

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