Better delayed publication

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Better delayed publication
Many are users of the WM delayed publication. Personally, I use it often. On the occasion of writing this note, for example :)

We've just added some improvements to this function.

Schedule every 5 minutes

We allow you to schedule the date and time of the publication with more acuteness.

Previously, you could program the publication of an article on the dot  (9:00am, 10:00am, 11:00am, etc.)

Now, the degree of precision is 5 minutes!

Shift of headlines position

Better delayed publication
When using delayed publication with articles positioned in the headlines module, you can request to shift positions in the module at the time of the publication.

For example, up till now, the article programmed in the headlines module in position 3 was replacing the article already positioned there.

Now, if you put an article in position 3 (in delayed publication), upon publication, the 3 switches to 4, 4 disappears, the 1st and 2 do not move.
If this is what you are looking for, when setting the time of publication of your article, check the
"Shift headlines position".

For this box to appears, you must:
- Have at least one headlines module in your design (this is obvious, but it's just a quick reminder)
- Choose a position in the headlines module for the article you are currently programming.

When you check the box, we add a cookie in your browser to remember your choice. The next time you will want to ise a delayed publication of an article to the headlines module, the box will be checked by default.

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